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Delivery of network electric pumping units for the needs of the project «Turnkey reconstruction of the two power units of Norilsk CHP-2»

20 March 2018

Norilsk thermal power plant № 2 (CHP-2) was built in the period from 1965 to 1989 on the project of Leningrad branch of the Institute «Teploelectroproject» and is designed to cover the heat load of the Talnakh industrial area and a residential complex in the city of Talnakh and electricity supply. Located in the city of Norilsk in Krasnoyarsk region. 

Norilsk thermal power plant № 2

Complex modernization of equipment of the 1st and 2nd power units at Norilsk CHP-2 is one of the priority projects of «NTEK». After reconstruction, the new equipment will allow to increase the quality and reliability of heat supply of the Talnakh industrial area and a residential complex in Talnakh.

As part of the project to modernize the networking pumping equipment of I and II elevation, it is necessary to perform design and survey work, ensure the purchase of equipment, perform construction and commissioning. These turnkey works are performed by JSC «Lonas Tekhnologia». The aim of the work is to provide the required increased network water consumption for newly connected customers with the modernization of the pumping equipment of I and II elevation, with an increase in the productivity and energy efficiency of the network pumping units.

Принципиальная схема установки насосного оборудования на Норильской ТЭЦ-2

Schematic diagram of the installation of pumping equipment for Norilsk CHP-2:
Position V - pumping units Delium D350-530A UHL3.1 I elevation
Position VI - pumping units Delium D350-530A UHL3.1 II elevation.

The project of modernization of the networking pumping equipment of I and II elevation of CHP-2 is developed on the basis of the terms of reference for design. «EnergoFront» company was engaged to these types of work. The main task for our experts was the fulfillment of all the conditions of the terms of reference, namely:

  • selection of modern energy-efficient equipment;

  • to achieve the maximum possible unification of the pumps of I and II elevation;

  • execution of the task in the conditions of maximum import substitution possibilities;

  • to work out the most compact options of pumping equipment in the conditions of tightness on the existing site;

  • to achieve maximum efficiency in the operating modes of the proposed pumps.

Existing networking pumping units SE-1250-140 were not able to fully provide the growing needs of the Talnakh and Talnakh industrial area in hot water. Working through options for the replacement of pumping units, LLC «EnergoFront» specialists offered modern networking pumps Delium D350-530A-UHL3.1 (Q=2500 m3/h H=89m) produced by JSC «HMS Livgidromash» on a common frame with the motor DAЗО4-450U-4MU3 (800 kW, 6000V, 1500 rpm).

D350-530A-a UHL3.1 pump


Delium pumping units manufactured by JSC «HMS Livgidromash» are a new line of unified two-way inlet pumping units to replace outdated series of pumps of type D and SE. The pumps are designed to meet modern requirements for energy consumption, reliability, long service life and have the following design features:

  • optimized hydraulics of the flowing part with maximum efficiency;

  • housing made of high-strength ductile iron or steel with internal pressure up to 25 kgf/cm2;

  • high-strength chrome steel shaft is completely isolated from the pumped medium and the atmosphere by protective sleeves;

  • depending on the pumped medium and the customer's wishes, the pumps can be equipped with both oil seals and single or double mechanical seals;

  • reduced overall dimensions of the pump and unit on its basis compared to SE type pumps by 20% compared to D type pumps by 10%. The pump weight is reduced by 25-40% in comparison with SE type pumps and by 5-10% in comparison with D type pumps of a similar capacity;

  • suction and discharge nozzles made «in line»;

  • double-coil tapping spiral, reducing the radial load on the rotor and bearings, which significantly increases their resource;

  • standard or reinforced bearings with consistent grease that does not require cooling systems, even if the temperatures of the pumped medium are 150°C, bearings service period is increased and ranges from 16 000 to 100 000 hours;

  • a wide range of models (more than 45 sizes) and the use of at least two interchangeable impellers for a single body size allow selecting the pump for any task within the feed range from 80 to 10,000 m3/h and pressure from 5 to 200 m.

These features make Delium pumping units unique in comparison with the other pumping units of domestic production and not inferior to modern analogues of foreign production.

D350-530А-а УХЛ3.1 с двигателем ДАЗО4-450У-4МУ3

Electric pumping unit D350-530A-a UHL3.1 with the engine DAЗО4-450U-4MU3

As an accomplishment, it is necessary to note the achievement of the maximum unification of pumps of 1 and 2 elevation on connecting sizes, and also on application of spare parts and a flowing part. The most compact pumps are selected taking into account the tightness of the construction site. When operating in nominal mode, the pumps operate at maximum efficiency. Networking electric pumping units Delium D350-530A-a UHL3.1 put into production and will be delivered at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018. After the equipment delivery, in accordance with the terms of the contract, the specialists of the service department of LLC «EnergoFront» will provide services for installation supervision and commissioning of the supplied pumping units. The beginning of installation of the units is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2019.

Project achievements

Сокращение затрат на собственные нуждыMeeting high requirements of the customer Increase in reliability of the equipmentModern highly effective equipment is applied9.jpg

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