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The project for the replacement of the vertical centrifugal electric pumping unit of the Volkovskaya waterworks of the 1st lift of the State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal of St. Petersburg

9 February 2023

The design engineers of our Company completed design work to replace the vertical centrifugal electric pump unit No. 2 of the 40V-16 brand with the SDV-16-51-16 electric motor at the Volkovskaya Waterworks (VW) of the 1st lift in St. Petersburg. The VW of the 1st lift is designed for the intake and transportation of raw water by pumping units from the water source - the Neva River to the treatment facilities of the VW of the 2nd lift.

ГУП «Водоканал Санкт-Петербурга»

The project provides for the replacement of the existing pump unit type 40V-16 with nominal parameters Q=12,000 m3/h, H=27 m, with a synchronous electric motor SDV-16-51-16 with a power of 1,600 kW for a new pump unit type 800V-2.5 /100-O with nominal parameters Q=6,000 m3/h, H=27 m, with asynchronous electric motor VAN 143/46-16UZ with a power of 630 kW.

Design solutions provide for the dismantling and installation of the pump unit without violating the construction units of the building.To determine the technical feasibility of the work, a survey of the VW building and foundations for equipment was carried out.

In addition to the design, working documentation, a technological map has been developed containing requirements, sequence and rules for performing dismantling and installation works of the pumping unit, taking into account the design features of the building and the existing equipment of the VW construction.

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