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The flag of EnergoFront at the foot of the majestic Everest

11 May 2018

On May 2, the General Director of LLC «EnergoFront» Alexey Gladkov as a part of the tourist international group climbed to the foot of Everest and hoisted the company's flag at an altitude of 5,740 meters above sea level on the top of the Kala-Pattar mountain.

Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world. To conquer it is the dream of many climbers. The way up is difficult and recognized as potentially life-threatening. Thus, climbing is associated with physical fatigue, and any weather changes are filled with many hours of stops and dangers. Some of the climbers have mountain sickness, the reason is low pressure of oxygen. However, climbing Everest is not only a challenge, it is also an opportunity to see the beauty of nature untouched by civilization: snow-capped mountain ranges, wild rivers, and greatness of the ice.

Флаг ЭнергоФронта у подножия величественного Эвереста

For Alexey personally and for all company this event is significant. «EnergoFront» has been actively developing for ten years, and the appearance of a corporate flag in such a point of the Earth in the anniversary year for the company is a good sign and a symbol of conquering new heights that are only possible to achieve. It should be especially noted that the hoisting of the flag was also timed to the Great holiday - the Victory Day, and was doubly symbolic, because the conquest of the mountains is a victory of human power, a manifestation of will and endurance.

The opinion of the General Director of LLC «EnergoFront» Alexey Gladkov: «Everest allowed me to go all the way to the top, allowed me to bring the flag of our company to the top. EnergoFront flag on Everest as a symbol of our company's goal. We are ready to go forward boldly, to open and expand new horizons, to make new discoveries. I hope that this journey will inspire my colleagues to achieve their goals and implement the most ambitious projects. I thank Everest and members of the expedition for the opportunity to stay at the top of the world».

With a wish to conquer the highest peaks,

team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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