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Supply of high-voltage electric motors for the needs of JSC "Far Eastern Generating Company"

18 July 2022

In the course of the procurement procedure, our Company was declared the winner in the tender for the right to supply high-voltage electric motors to stations that are part of JSC Far East Generating Company.

АО "Дальневосточная генерирующая компания"

The supplied electric motors, manufactured by the leading Russian manufacturers NPO ELSIB PJSC and the RUSELPROM concern, meet all the requirements of the Customer, and the full cycle of equipment production in Russia allows us to comply with the import substitution requirement and, as a result, reduces the risks of disrupting the Customer's repair program to zero.

EnergoFront, under the contract, supplies electric motors that perform the widest range of tasks - they are an electric drive for mills, network pumps, condensate pumps, fuel oil pumps, fuel supply belt conveyors, equipped with a complete set of sensors to control the operation of electric motors and a set of spare parts and accessories.

With the wish of stable development,

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