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Supply of equipment for the needs of Mikheevsky GOK

5 February 2021

At the end of January 2021, the shipment of equipment manufactured by «Energocomplekt» JSC for the needs of the Mikheevsky Mining and Processing Plant, which is part of the «Russian Copper Company» holding, took place.

Михеевский ГОК

The manufacture and supply of a starter for asynchronous motors with a wound rotor of the EK-AV6-xx-RS-Vx series with a digital control system was ordered by the power engineers of the plant to form a reserve of already successfully operated UPTF-1000M starting devices supplied by Energofront in 2012. The devices are designed for non-contact soft start of induction motors with a wound rotor, as well as for operation at reduced speed (subject to time and current limitations). The device can be used to start belt conveyors, hoists, mills, crushers and other mechanisms with severe starting conditions.

EK-AV6 manufactured by JSC "Energocomplekt" can be used to complete both newly commissioned engines and to replace morally and physically obsolete rotary stations in operation.

With the wish of reliable partnership,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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