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The new General Director of EnergoFront

8 February 2024

We consider our people to be one of the main values of our Company. Dedicated to the business, sharing with us the principles, the views and the beliefs.


We value our staff and take good care of them investing all our knowledge, opening up opportunities for career, personal and professional growth. The Company's shareholders, protecting the good name of EnergoFront, carefully select those who act on the first line - their top managers. And therefore, the decision to appoint a new General Director of the Company was carefully considered, unhurried and deeply thoughtful. In February of this year, Artem Petrovich Starodubtsev became the general director; previously, for 5 years he successfully served as financial director. He is a professional in his field, with an excellent education and extensive financial and management experience. We are confident that with the appointment of Artem Petrovich, EnergoFront will not only not slow down the pace that we have built up over 15 years, but will also take the Company to a new level.

With the wish of reliable partnership,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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