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EnergoFront will supply a modernized PE580-185-5 feed pump unit to Nizhnekamsk CHPP-1

7 August 2023

EnergoFront was declared the winner in an open tender for the supply of a feed pump APE580-185-5 with an electric motor 4AZM-4000/6000-UHL4 in the amount of 1 pc. as part of the technical re-equipment program with the replacement of a pump with an electric motor PEN-15 at Nizhnekamsk CHPP-1 (a branch of JSC TGC-16).

Нижнекамская ТЭЦ-1

The planned delivery will be a continuation of the modern energy-efficient equipment introduction for the needs of Nizhnekamsk CHPP-1 to replace obsolete, worn-out equipment.

Our engineers, having carefully worked out the technical side of the issue, proposed a pumping unit with connecting dimensions for installation on an existing foundation.

For the manufacture of thé feed pumps PE580-185-5, JSC HMS Livgidromash used a modern model with a modernized flow path with high efficiency and high reliability. In the manufacture, the latest achievements in the field of structures and materials are used.

After delivery, the specialists of our service department will carry out installation supervision and commissioning of the pumping unit.

This victory once again showed that our business and professional relations with TGC-16 have already become a good tradition. We are happy to share our competencies with a worthy partner for the sake of the energy well-being of our Motherland.

With the wish of reliable partnership,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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