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EnergoFront Service Department performs commissioning on the icebreaker “Arctic”

13 April 2020

In February 2020, EnergoFront service department specialists began commissioning (PPR) for previously delivered equipment for the assembly of PEMA 250-80 electric pump units, which are designed to supply feed water to steam generators of the Arctic 22220 icebreaker for the atomic icebreaker. These are asynchronous electric motors 800 kW, frequency converters АТ24-М80-690-Р00000, transformer cabinets ТРСС-1000-10,5 / 0,69 / 0,69 / 0,38, local control panels.


According to the results of the first stage of work, a trial run and running-in of the drive electric motors at idle was carried out. The operating time of electric motors without load was 7 hours, with confirmation of all output operating parameters.  

At the second stage of the commissioning, such works will be carried out: checking the external connection schemes and interconnection with the upper control level of the KSU TS, adjusting the settings and adapting to the technological process, checking the operation of the protections in emergency situations, load tests, checking all operating modes, etc.

The main task is to comply with the approved schedule of work and deadlines, as well as the efficiency and coordinated work of all participants in the construction of the icebreaker.

With the wish of stable development,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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