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EnergoFront participates in the supply of the Delium D250-630B network pump for the needs of Tomsk Generation JSC, GRES-2

30 March 2021

EnergoFront expands the geography of its supplies. During the implementation of the planned replacement of network pumps D1250-125, by the decision of the procurement commission, our company was recognized as the only supplier of Delium D250-630B-590-Sh / N-TT pumps with a DAZO4-450X-4MU1 electric motor. This pump was proposed and agreed upon in the process of joint work with JV "GRES-2" in accordance with the current hydraulic operating mode of the heating network.

The Delium pumps are a new generation of D-type pumps with a wide range of flow-pressure characteristics with consistently high efficiency. The pump shaft is completely isolated from the pumped liquid and the grease lubricated bearings do not require cooling.

АО "Томская Генерация"

Currently, the pumping equipment has been put into production, the planned delivery date for the pump is June 2021.

With the wish of stable development,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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