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EnergoFront joined the Association "Self-regulatory organization" United project documentation developers"

23 December 2019

EnergoFront joined the Association "Self-regulatory organization" United project documentation developers".


The SRO Membership will allow us to closely engage in the design of particularly dangerous facilities in the energy sector.

Our goal is to reach a new level of development, implement complex projects and independently carry out all stages: from identifying needs to putting an object into operation.

Unique knowledge and almost twelve years of experience in the energy sector will allow us to carry out projects efficiently and taking into account the subtleties that other designers often did not know. Experience in installation and commissioning will allow not only to design the facility, but also to mount it efficiently and according to all requirements of the manufacturers, SNiP and other standards. 

Our well-experienced engineers team will carry out all the necessary adjustments, tests and trials, train the customer’s personnel and transfer the facility to the service of the operating organization. 

Thus, the entire technical and technological chain of the project will be concentrated in one reliable hands, which will reduce the level of possible errors to zero.

With the wish of professional growth,

team EnegroFront #FrontInfo


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