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EnergoFront continues its successful cooperation with Reftinskaya GRES

4 September 2023

In accordance with the needs of the Reftinskaya GRES, EnergoFront, being the official representative of the Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd. (PRC), supplied to the station in June 2023 an electric motor of 1700 kW, 6 kV, 3000 rpm to drive the Cameron TA 9000 compressor.

EnergoFront продолжает успешное сотрудничество с Рефтинской ГРЭС

The supplied electric motor had to fully correspond in its technical characteristics and connecting dimensions to the replaced electric motor, and also have a service factor equal to 1.3.

Our specialists agreed on the specified requirements with the plant and, as a result, the supplied electric motor fully complied with the requirements of the Reftinskaya State District Power Plant and was successfully installed and put into operation.

Based on the positive experience of launching and operating the first electric motor at Reftinskaya GRES, a decision to purchase a second similar electric motor was made.

Thus, we will supply a second electric motor of the same power, with similar technical characteristics and connecting dimensions to the Reftinskaya GRES. Given the positive experience of operating the first engine, we have every reason to believe that the second unit will also operate successfully.

This decision was made to ensure reliable operation of the Cameron TA 9000 compressor and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the plant.

With the wish of reliable partnership,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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