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Supply of electric motor for compensation of emergency stock of JSC “Mosenergo”

17 March 2015

JSC “Mosenergo” is the biggest of regional power generating companies in Russia and technological integral part of Russian United Power Generating System. The company is one of the largest heat producers in the world.

15 power stations with electric capacity of 12, 7 thousand MW are parts of JSC “Mosenergo”. The heat capacity of the company is 40, 4 thousand Gkal/h. Power stations of JSC “Mosenergo” supply more than 60% of electric power consumed in Moscow region, and provide more than 70% of need in heat power in Moscow.



Drawing 1 . Branch of JSC” Mosenergo” TPP-21

Technical development is one of priorities for the company. Among the first in Russia JSC “Mosenergo” started a global construction and start-up of generation facilities on the basis of gas and steam circle that allow raising effectiveness and improving ecological index of production.

To provide reliability of all the company JSC “Mosenergo” and the branches separately it was decided to make the program of replacement of worn out electric motors, and supply electric motors for compensation of emergency stock.

One of the main assemblies of TPP heat circle is feeding pumps that provide non-stop supply of feed water to steam boilers of power generating station. Operation of all TPP depends of their safe reliable and economic operation.


Drawing 2. Outline drawing of feeding pump unit

The line of feeding pumps typeПЭandПТНwith different flow are set at branches of JSC “Mosenergo”. To compensate emergency stock the tender to supply electric motor type 4АЗМ-4000/6000УХЛ4 was announced. Specialists from JSC “EnergoFront” analyzed  specialties and experience of operation of electric motors in set with feeding pump units at the most of power stations of JSC “Mosenergo” and decided to offer electric motor produced by NPO “Elsib” JSC, being its official partner.

NPO “Elsib” JSC is a unique power machine building works in Siberia and the Far East established in 1953. Manufacturing of three main segments is focused on one production place with substantially completed loop. The main direction of production is manufacture of turbo generates, hydro generates and large power machines.

 Electric motors produced by NPO “Elsib” JSC are used in power generating industry, transportation of oil and oil products, oil extraction, oil refining, oil and chemical, coal mining, metal and other industries including explosive production. Technical level of all products is supported with new designs by well- qualified specialists of NPO “Elsib” JSC, and is increased via modernization of constructions and growing of their durability, as well as it’s proved with tests provided.




Drawing. 3 Electric motor  4АЗМ-4000/6000УХЛ4 produced by NPO “Elsib” JSC

After bid opening procedure and approval of all offers, under the initiative of JSC “EnergoFront” specialists the technical negotiation with specialists of JSC “Mosenergo” was held where their offer was announced and proved to meet technical requirements unlike the other competitors. A of, technical specialists made objective detail analysis on production technology of NPO “Elsib” JSC and the other alternative offers.

 The result of professional engineering approach to design of technical solution on this project was signing the contract and further supply of electric motor 4АЗМ-4000/6000УХЛ4 to the central stock of branch of JSC “Mosenergo” TPP-21 in necessary terms, executing payment conditions and passing inspection tests.

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