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Happy New 2020!

10 January 2020

The rats symbolize exceptional vitality and high brain capacity in the Chinese culture. The rat is the first of 12 characters on the Chinese calendar. Therefore 2020 is considered the year of new beginnings and updates. This year is predicted to be successful , full of new opportunities, love and money.


Dear partners, dear customers, colleagues, friends! The one more year ended and it became not only the start of a new decade in the EnergoFront history , but it’s also remembered by a number of significant achievements giving reliable development prospects. In 2019, along with the stable achievement of planned targets, we managed to master new assortment positions - gearboxes and multipliers for heavy engineering. During this very year we found reliable manufacturers, agreed on the basic principles of partnership, guaranteeing the supply of high-quality and efficient equipment, and have managed to conclude the first contracts. We have realized a number of successful full-fledged projects on the supply of pipe fittings to enterprises in the energy sector, and also expanded the geography of partner companies for the production of pumping and drive technology, with maximum emphasis on specialization and performance of design tasks. We have been accredited to provide design services and now we have all the means to conduct design work.

Together with the development of new products, our team was replenished with new high-quality specialists, and friendship and corporate union became stronger. This year we wish all our customers and partners around the world peace, kindness, patience and necessary victories!

With the wish of plans realization,

team EnergoFront #FrontHoliday


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