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EnergoFront has released the corporate calendar for the year 2020

21 October 2019

This is not the first year when a collective calendar creating has become a good tradition for us. In 2020, we want to pay tribute to our beautiful Motherland, the greatness of its cities and cultural heritage.

EnergoFront 2020

We called our calendar "Energy of Unity." This slogan truly describes our attitude to our work, to our colleagues, to our partners and to those wonderful places where a happy chance throws us. We have a unique opportunity to cover the whole geography of the country in our work. The beauty of the different regions landscapes and the magnificent architecture are fascinating.

We admire the unity of different cultural trends, different religions, which so harmoniously and peacefully coexist in one large family named Russia.

We feel our responsibility to preserve our common home, to increase its wealth, we are proud that we can contribute to maintaining, at the proper technological level, the processes and equipment entrusted to us.

With a wish of creative New Year,

team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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